Beautiful Citrus

I’m grateful for this box of beautiful citrus that arrived today from a dear friend in Florida. Four grapefruits, three satsumas, and two Meyers lemons. And I’m grateful for the other box too, with even more. A few of those satsumas were smashed and leaking, but they had a long cold trip.

I’m grateful for these generous gifts and the causes and conditions that got them here. As I think about all the steps involved in their journey from seed to tree to fruit, from High Springs to here, how they made it through or before the ‘once-in-a-generation’ winter storm, I’m considering that roughly 60% of the US population is experiencing extreme cold tonight, including blizzards, and lethal windchill temperatures. I’m grateful I’m safe and warm. I’m sadly aware of those many humans and other people who are not. Wild animals of all kinds, those in captivity, neglected pets, stray dogs, feral cats, and many more are also at risk from this massive storm. It’s tough to think about. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg of suffering across this fragile planet. I’m grateful for people of all species everywhere who make time to be kind, to support and care for each other.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Citrus

  1. I have had the same feelings. Yesterday morning en route to get my blood drawn, I drove past a gentleman in a bus shelter with the bags of cans he had collected and what looked like another bag of all his worldly goods. He appeared to be sleeping, but for all I knew could have been dead, sitting there in the brutal cold. What to do? I prayed that another passerby at that busy intersection would take action and call for help if it was needed. In my fantasy I would stop on my return trip and load him into my car and bring him home, feed him, and keep him safe and warm. In reality after having my blood drawn I had forgotten the poor soul and went home to my own safe and warm shelter. On my next trip out later in the day, the bus shelter was empty, and my heart was a little empty too, wondering what had become of him and all the poor souls buffeted by the brutal cold.

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