I’m grateful for the green leaves of tulips, and for these gorgeous orange tulips some of which are throwing more than one bloom.

Today I’m grateful for green things, and not just the usual like lettuce, kale, spinach; spring leaves on the Amur maple or apple or crabapple tree, or any newly leafing tree; or fleetingly lush green fields; but the unusual, like the green pond goo that nearly camouflages the green and brown spotted back of a big fat lady northern leopard frog who hops into the pond when I startle her from the wet green grass at the edge – and the green on her back as well, and grateful that my choices provide habitat for this precious native amphibian.

And I’m grateful for green limes, and the green glass that holds the first margarita I’ve made in a decade. I used a ‘new’ recipe: 2 oz. tequila, 1 oz. Grand Marnier, 1 oz. fresh lime juice, and a half ounce Agave syrup, shaken hard over ice and poured over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. Drink by the pond with the leopard frogs.

I’m grateful for all the green of early May in the high desert, much of which will fade to brown or tan within a month or two in this extraordinary drought, and grateful that I ‘own’ water enough to keep this little oasis somewhat green and moist and fruitful enough to support a little ecosystem through the year.

4 thoughts on “Green

  1. Beautiful greens indeed–and the orange of those tulip petals is, at least in your photo, a perfect match for that of the California poppies blooming in our front yard here in Santa Cruz County! Thank you for the drink recipe. I’m filing it under margaRITA. xoxoxox

    • Hee! I’ll be interested to hear how it compares with the one you had the other night, the insidious inspiration for my own. Then after watching you drink yours, this recipe showed up in a Food52 email the next day. Enjoy! xoxo


      • I also used tequila, fresh lime juice, and agave syrup, in roughly the same proportions—but Cointreau rather than Grand Marnier. It will indeed be interesting to compare!

      • Ah! Essentially the same. I only used GM because that’s what I had. That, or Blue Curacao! Just wasn’t ready for a blue margaRita but maybe that will be tonight’s indulgence 😆


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