I’ve set 18 seed potatoes in the dirt, and the first 8 are up, including these three I planted in a five-gallon (food-grade) plastic bucket. Drill some holes in the bottom, fill with 4″ of dirt, lay in seed potatoes, fill another six inches with dirt, water well. Once these green sprouts have grown to the top of the bucket, I’ll add dirt to two inches from the top and call it good. I’ll be so interested to see if this method I found on Youtube actually works here in the high desert.

I’m grateful for so many things today, including hot running water, cold drinking water, and water in hoses for the yarden. I’m grateful that the Say’s phoebes are happily nesting right over the living room window and the juniper titmice are nesting in the hollow tree in the tortoise pen. I’m grateful that the redtail in the Smith Fork nest is clearly sitting on eggs or possibly even chicks the way she was poised on the edge of the nest when I drove by this morning. I’m grateful for another day alive mostly at home, mostly with Stellar, working, resting, walking, and eating good food. And I’m grateful for every little green thing that sprouts and grows in the garden, including the eight red-potato plants breaking through, six tiny new carrot cotylodons first up in the tub, and the radish sprouts in the tire. I’m excited every morning to go out into the yard-and-garden, the yarden, and see what’s new. I’m grateful after another full day to sit down in the evening with a relaxing adult beverage and a long conversation with my people, the Dog People, in Florida. And that unspools another long, circular thread of gratitude in my thoughts for all the years of love and growth, adventure and comfort, dogs and more dogs, these dear friends have brought into my life. So many good things come in circles, including potatoes in a bucket, cocktails, seasons, friendships, and the days of our lives.

Whoa! What the heck is that? Another twist on the margaRita, tonight with Cuervo Gold and Blue Curacao – I couldn’t resist trying it.

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  1. Wow! I love the look of that blue-green MargaRita! I don’t think I’ve had blue Curacao–does it taste blue?! …Loved the rest of this post too. Reading about your grounded daily gratitudes, and seeing your lovely photos, is remarkably calming and centering. Thank you.

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