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I’m grateful for snapdragons I started from seed flowering abundantly enough to clip some for a bud vase.
I’m grateful for jigsaw peppers started from seed now flowering in the foreground of violas…
…their tiny purple blossom turning to fruit

I’m grateful many of the peppers are starting to fruit, though many lag behind. Above, Blot peppers hide under dense, dark green leaves. Below, Leutschauer paprika peppers are also thriving. Out of three I planted this one in a mineral tub with feral horseradish is doing the best, several feet tall with dark green leaves. Another, in another mineral tub the same color but alone, is medium size, and a third in a raised bed, is less than a foot tall with two tiny peppers on it. So much variation in how the same seedlings are growing in different beds and pots this year. Wish I had kept notes on which soil amendments I used in each location, but I have pretty good recollection, and the Coco-Loco potting soil from Foxfarm seems to encourage really healthy growth, while the other amendment I used does not.

This year’s Sirenevyi pepper crop is already double last year’s. I learned to plant them with plenty of space around and lots of sun exposure: last summer’s got crowded out with squash and beans.
I’m grateful for the first zucchini, and hope for many more.
Those cagey cucumbers! I hadn’t even seen this giant growing amid the leaves until this evening, when I went to harvest three other smaller cukes I’d been watching. I’m grateful for ripening!
My little veggie loving dog chewed on a tiny cucumber that wasn’t going to ripen, but she left it half eaten.
The first harvest basket of the season: peas and broccolini for seeds, and four fat cucumbers for the first jar of refrigerator pickles. Yum!