Mama Doe and twin fawns crossed the driveway in front of me as I headed out for my afternoon’s adventure, then stood calmly under cover of trees as I passed.

I’m grateful for remembering that there are millions of people, billions of beings, who have it worse than I do. So what if I got three biopsies on my face today at the dermatologist, and two places frozen? In the grand scheme of things, not only is it no big deal, I can be grateful for the awareness to notice things were awry, the wisdom to call the doctor, the doctor’s familiarity with me and my history and his ‘better-safe-than-sorry’ approach, and the skill and tools at his disposal to determine if there are cancers growing in my skin. We’ll know more later. Meanwhile, I’m grateful that I made it there and back again, that Auntie Deb babysat the Tiny Dingo and left me gazpacho, peaches, and egg salad when she dropped her off, and that my menagerie and I are all safely tucked in after another day alive. I’m grateful for a healthy perspective.

I’m grateful, too, for seeing a Daddy-Longlegs as I sat on the patio with an aching face recuperating from the long, hot afternoon. I rarely see them: it’s been a few years. We used to see them all the time when I was a kid back east.

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  1. Yeah, there are ka-jillions of people/things that are hurting today, as usual, but your pain is still your own and not so easy to bear. I hope your poor face is feeling better soon. Thanks for the great pictures, by the way.

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