Wren has a grasshopper
We were working under the apricot tree, thinning the overwhelming number of fruits on the limbs. Some have fallen naturally, but there are still grape-like clusters all over the tree. This basket represents less than half of just the lower limbs. I’m teaching Wren that she can’t eat these–the pits contain arsenic that can be toxic to such a small creature.
Then we came in for lunch. I fried an almost-stale heel of bread for semi-croutons for an extravagant salad with garden greens and then some.

For dinner, I got to use the Musubi press my Portland family sent. Instead of Spam, I used extra firm tofu, and dredged it in spiced cornstarch to get a tasty crispy crust.

The press in action, with sushi rice, nori slices, and tofu…

And the finished product! I only had enough rice to make three, and they were delightful. I whisked a little greek yogurt into some soy sauce for dipping, and sat outside with the birds to enjoy my exotic supper. I’m grateful for being introduced to Musubi, for the gift of the press, for how simple it is to prepare, and how tasty. I foresee all manner of adaptations to this snack in my future.

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