Dinner Out

I’m grateful that the snow peas are climbing their trellis beautifully. It delights me to check on them each day, and gently turn their little tendrils in toward the net, hooking their curls onto support. They’ve started to bloom this week. Fruit isn’t far away!

My ratty looking notch-eared doe visited for the first time in at least a month. She brought her skinny yearling, and is clearly fat with unborn fawn. With all the fields full of grasses and alfalfa, I haven’t had deer in the yard since snowmelt down here. I’m grateful for the bounty around to nourish them, happy to share the yarden, and glad they’re not devouring everything that isn’t fenced. I’m also grateful that there is still plenty of snow in the high country, roughly 200% of normal for this time of year in our mountain ‘reservoir.’

Wren and I are grateful that I mustered the courage to go out to dinner last night at her favorite babysitter’s house. We enjoyed meaningful conversation and delicious pasta on the patio, along with a spectacular view and gorgeous flowers.

One thought on “Dinner Out

  1. That photo of Wren is the definition of bliss🥰 Funny, yesterday I was doing the same thing as you with the snow pea vines, but with my confederate jasmine tendrils, a very satisfying practice. My jasmine plant got badly zapped in this winter’s freeze, but it is slowly coming back.

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