Inside Outside

Two more views of the virgin snow the other day, followed by the plowed driveway today. So grateful for friendly bartering for services and goods in the neighborhood.

Grateful for warmth, color, and comfort inside, as I’m grateful for winter water outside. Grateful as always for a roof over our heads. And grateful for a sweet summery puzzle to do on these dark days, a rainbow of color and texture. Grateful to be alive, and have meaningful work teaching, and have a quiet weekend.

I’ll be teaching the Introduction to Mindfulness course live on zoom starting March 2, from 2-3 pm Mountain Time, only $50 per person for the four-week class. Get it while this price lasts, as I realize I can’t sustain it and will have to raise it some. Check it out and register here.

One thought on “Inside Outside

  1. Love the pics as always, and especially the stop motion photos of the beautiful puzzle – the colors ❀️ 🌈!! And of Wren in front of the fire with her plushy. Meanwhile, in central Texas it is a lovely 78 degrees and we have our doors open to the fresh air. In a month or two it will be a brutal 100 degrees so we revel in our short pleasant spring 😊

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