Sweet Peppers

I can probably count on one finger the number of stuffed sweet peppers I’ve eaten in my life til this point. It just never appealed to me. But having my own homegrown crop of gorgeous sweet peppers, and wanting to save some for later, I looked up a few recipes, mixed and matched, and made a batch to freeze.

I used half a package of ground lamb in an insanely delicious eggplant curry this morning, and used the other half this afternoon in the pepper stuffing, along with rice, spices, and some of last year’s tomato sauce. Based on more reading, I cut the peppers lengthwise instead of cutting out the top, filled them with the mixture, and baked under foil. All but one I let cool and wrapped individually for freezing for a quick meal down the line. I topped one with cheese and reheated it tonight. The pepper was tender but still crunchy, the filling full of savory flavor. So simple, so delicious!

I’m grateful for sweet peppers and all the experience of other people who guided me to use them wisely today.

The air was even smokier this morning so we limited ourselves to a short walk. More about breathing tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “Sweet Peppers

  1. Those stuffed peppers look amazing! Eggplant is one of my favorite vegetables- please post link to the curry recipe šŸ˜!

  2. Mom use to make stuffed bell peppers when I growing up. I could never acquire a taste for them. Maybe its time to try again.

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