I’m grateful for equanimity. I’ll leave it at that today. I feel tired and uninspired after a lovely day, and that’s okay. There’s a lot undone in the kitchen and in the garden, several loads of laundry to put away, paperwork on the desk, tall drying grasses to be mowed, and it’s okay that I spent time today chatting with a couple of friends, reading, and practicing breathing, instead of getting anything else done. This is how it is right now.

I also enjoyed watching Wren watch the Old Doe’s fawn for awhile. The doe had parked her fawn in the tortoise round pen for a nap while she foraged out in the woods. We startled the fawn when we came outside to make a phone call, and it hopped out of the pen and wandered down toward the pond. Awhile later the Old Doe came back in the yard and the fawn joined her as they browsed on the wild butterfly bush. Wren and the fawn watched each other with friendly curiosity–another quality I’m grateful for wherever it shows up.

There’s a great essay in Lion’s Roar by Sharon Salzberg about equanimity, in which she says:

“The kind of balance I’m talking about is not a measurement of how much time you spend doing one thing and then another, trying to create equality between them. Instead, it has to do with having perspective on life, and the effort you’re putting out, and the changes you’re going through. We establish this sense of balance within. It demands of us wisdom, and it gives us a growing sense of peace.”

~ Sharon Salzberg

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  1. Thank you. Your writing hit the spot this morning. I’m going to Biltmore house today instead of painting and supervising the window’s installation. I’m taking a nice deep breath thinking of you, Wren and the doe.

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