Back to Work

Wren meets cucumber… I’m grateful for foods that come from the garden.
Mother’s little helper: Wren questions blue spice basil… as do I. Not a fan at all of the leaf texture, nor the smell, nor the taste.
Under the table and dreaming…
I’m grateful for foods that do not come from the garden, also. None of these, do, surprise! But I did bake the bread.

The yellow wax beans are tapering off to the point I think I’ll be composting the plants in the next week or two. The Colorado River green beans are in full flourish, so I’ll be making dilly beans tomorrow or the next day. Pickling cucumbers continue to produce four or more big fruits every couple of weeks, and I pulled half the red onions to use in salsa and pickles this week. I’m grateful I got the kitchen cleaned up and the canning jars sorted on the counter today, so tomorrow I can get back to work.

I’ve been on the COPD inhaler for only three days, and already I feel worse! Assuming it’s a necessary phase to pass through to feeling better. After working hard last week until my back hurt too badly to do anything more, then relaxing all weekend, an arduous day Monday, and not being able to post pictures yesterday…. I feel like I’ve been ‘off’ for a long time. I’m grateful I can afford to upgrade to get more space on here (even though I’m still not sure that’s the issue) so I can get back to work sharing the joyful practice of gratitude.

I’m grateful the Serenevyi pepper finally turned deep red, indicating its full ripeness.
I’m grateful for the past few days’ haul of peppers: one sweet purple-red, two jalapeños, and seven paprikas. I’m grateful to have learned about ‘corking,’ when a mature pepper gets dry brown streaking on its flesh, which is another indicator of ripeness–not something to worry about but to appreciate.
I’m grateful for three pounds of ripe tomatoes, Amish paste, Roma, and Jamato, weighed and ready to be processed in the morning into salsa.
I’m grateful for this sweet, happy little dog, who just wants to be friends; and for the old doe, who brings as much kind curiosity to their interactions as Wren does. I’m so grateful to live in harmony with the old doe and her growing fawns, with the scrub jays, magpies, house finches, nuthatches, pine siskins–yes, I’m grateful the birds are back!

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  1. Glad you are back on the job! The post did not disappoint, so colorful, so tasty, so sweet, especially Wren and the old doe 😊

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