Flexible Perspective

Grateful for the first Moscovich tomatoes ripening, and grateful for the gift of the seedling now grown so big.

It’s hard to explain a non-conceptual experience of being in conceptual terms. I’ve heard this from various sources for several years, and I realize I’ve been hearing it all my life in some form, but not quite comprehending it until the past few months.

Grateful for “Cleanup on Aisle G!” When there’s a varmint-got fruit in the garden I pick it to minimize the chance of a pathogen affecting the whole plant, and I toss it to Wren to see if she wants it. So surprised she chewed up half this little rodent-bit eggplant before leaving it behind.

I mentioned to a friend the other night that my practice recently has been ‘observing my thoughts.’ She asked for clarification, and I found it difficult to explain. Today, I continued my practice of the skill of relaxation, and observed the experience of simply being, unentwined with thought or expectation for most of the day. Time both slowed and quickened. I’m grateful for a flexible perspective.

Another gorgeous cool, cloudlit day in the garden, mostly just participating in the sights, sounds, and feelings of life.

It’s sheer happenstance that this existence seems to me the way it does. From what I understand, there’s a better chance that there is an infinite number of me’s living different lives in parallel universes than that there is just this one me in this singular life. It’s a comfort to settle into this possibility: anything I can think of to desire or to do I can rest assured is happening somewhere else at the same time as I’m lying reading on the patio chaise, strafed by hummingbirds, still, quiet, present, quite aware of this moment, here.

I’m grateful for the first BLT of the season! MMM! I could eat another right now just looking at the picture of lunch.

2 thoughts on “Flexible Perspective

  1. Very interesting post, Rita, I enjoyed reading about your ‘flexible perspective.’ Your garden is beautiful, I loved the photo. And my mouth is watering at your BLT, slathered generously with mayo. Yum! 🤤😋.

    P.S. Can’t believe that Wren ate even a few bits of the raw eggplant!

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