Light and Color

I’m grateful for a surprise harvest of beurre du Rocquencourt wax beans. The plants are so bushy and dense I had not noticed until I went to tie them up away from the onions that there is already a good crop of ripe beans hiding under the deep green leaves.
How one thing can bring so clearly to mind another thing from long ago… little green apples. I can’t see them without hearing the song, and this evening as I was thinning the Fuji tree I kept turning over in my head that perplexing rhyme ‘apples’ and ‘Indianapolis.’ But I let that go, and surrendered my thoughts to the soft pillow of my ancient crush.
Then I remembered that I wanted to photograph the first sunflower to bloom, and though it was blowing wildly in the taunting wind I waited for a still moment, not sure til I shot the picture quite what was going down on that petal. The beefly was losing.
I’m grateful for another lovely Sunday in this beautiful place on this exquisite planet, for sunset and clouds and ancient junipers, for light and color.

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