I’m grateful for peas, and lettuce, and broccolini, and radishes from the garden tonight.

I’m grateful for my two mammal companions (and also my reptile companion) who walk the woods with me in the cooler mornings, and hang out in the garden with me later.

I had to look up these snow peas since I couldn’t remember the variety, and I’m grateful that I did. They are golden sweet snow peas, and are best picked when they’re in their yellow stage at two to three inches long, before they turn green as the first couple just did overnight. I ate one outside and brought one in for salad, but tomorrow I will start picking the flat yellow pods for stir fries or freezing. It seems like just yesterday they were but blossoms…

I’m grateful for this rogue romaine that sprouted on its own, and for the paprika pepper thriving, and the horseradish that overwintered in this pot.

2 thoughts on “Peas

  1. I love the closeups of your garden bounty, and the photo of Wren and Topaz exploring, what a gift! It is so hot in Texas now (100+ for days) that in our little garden plot things are stressed to the max! Even the tomatoes are struggling. But lots of peppers and eggplants!
    Thanks for sharing your gratitude which prompts me to appreciate the many things I have to be grateful for.

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