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Wren and Food

Wren and food, Wren and food… the themes may get old to some, but they don’t to me. I am always grateful for this surprising little bundle of cuteness and laughter that found her way to me when I needed her, and I’m always grateful for delicious food. I’m grateful that at my age I have finally settled into a comfortable, efficient flow of providing myself (and now Wren) with mostly healthy food without the old stress and struggle that used to accompany eating.

Yesterday’s simple cheese sandwich included Havarti, B&B pickles, mayo, and lettuce.

There were many years during which I ate only because I had to to keep going; I didn’t pay much attention to what I ate, and often found myself just shoving some sort of food in my face at the last minute, often junk food. Ok, yes, I still eat a bit of junk food, like these ‘natural’ cheetos and goldfish amended with poison fish spices, and usually a small bowl of dark chocolate M&Ms after lunch; but otherwise, I eat pretty well in general. This is a pretty big accomplishment for me, but no need to go into all the reasons that’s so. And the main reason I’ve been able to learn how to feed myself is slowing down with mindfulness practice, and discerning where to place my attention.

Wren accepts my leaving her on the chair when I must return to the desk…

I’m grateful for my little bonsai-lunch table in the sunroom. I intended to have a dining table in there for many years before I finally managed to arrange the space to accommodate one. I still only get a small wedge of it to myself but it’s sufficient to my needs: placemat, plate, glass, and kindle. It’s a joy to eat breakfast or lunch in there among the plants and colors in cold or windy weather, whether or not the sun is shining. Today’s cheese sandwich included cheddar, lettuce, dill pickle relish, mayo and tomato chutney.

And tonight’s snack was leftover deep-fried cauliflower with a quick Hoisin-based dipping sauce. Last night, with leftover oil in the fryer from the artichoke hearts, I made crispy cauliflower with honey and hot pepper, drizzling it with delicious Tupelo honey sent to me by a dear friend in Florida with a secret source, and sprinkled the fried florets with homemade paprika. As sometimes happens, I ate it too fast to take a picture. My life is simple these days, and I am content: I’m grateful every day for Wren and food.

Gratitude Practice

One thing you know I’m grateful for is wooden jigsaw puzzles!

I know there are whole books about how to do it. I’m just doing it my own way, as I have been for a few years. After a sputtering start which may have lasted a whole year, who knows, I’ve lost track of time, I find that each day I’m able to wake with gratitude, and dwell largely in gratitude all day, and climb into bed at night with gratitude for soft cotton sheets and a firm latex mattress, a good dog still living, and a cat curled beside me.

Last night, writing was like pulling teeth. But all I have to offer to the Earth, to the Great Turning, is my soul, and my soul writes and makes pictures. So. I hereby commit to posting each day, until the next winter solstice, at least one thing that I am grateful for. Thanks to Laurel Webb for proving that a daily post is possible!

Today, I am grateful for coffee and toast with honey.

Grateful for the honey, Uley’s Gold, sent from Florida by a dear friend who notes that Tupelo honey is so special because it never crystalizes; also, it tastes exquisite. Grateful for the toast, that I have a pretty copper toaster I’ve had for 16 years, that I have solar-powered electricity to operate it, grateful for the solar electricians of this valley who provided and maintain that; grateful that Ruth gave me sourdough starter five years ago and I’m still baking bread from it, that Modern Appliance in Delta sold me a propane stove to bake the bread in, that Pioneer Propane fills my tank automatically, and that I can afford propane; grateful for the blue and white fish plate inherited from my mother, for the plain white mug I bought on Amazon, that coffeemakers are so easy, that Jay at Rubicon Roastery in Paonia purchases ethical and delicious coffee and ships it to Crawford. And all that doesn’t even count the butter…

This is the beginning of my gratitude today. This is my gratitude practice. Won’t you join me?