A Day Off

Where’s Wren? exercise edition

I am grateful tonight for a day off! After leading a meditation this morning, I had nothing else on my plate, so to speak, except to relax and enjoy the gorgeous fall day, water, read, exercise with Wren and our virtual trainer, and play in the kitchen. No classes, no meetings, no zooms, just a wide-open day of peace and ease. Tomorrow things get busy again for the foreseeable future, so I made the most of relaxing.

Roasting the white beans with olive oil and the cherry tomatoes with a tasty dressing concurrently in separate pans while boiling the pasta. At the end, just mix everything together and grate some parmesan.

I was grateful for a one-hour meditation in the afternoon, after cooking a delicious roasted white bean and tomato pasta, using up all those pesky cherry and pear tomatoes đŸ˜‰ and baking a batch of peach-cobbler cookies. Both the pasta and the cookies were so simple, so delicious!

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