Dinner Out

This spicy coconut corn soup is delicious! I’m emptying out my freezer to make room for any garden produce the grasshoppers might leave for me, and had just enough frozen corn to make the recipe. I also had a can of coconut milk in the pantry, and most of the other ingredients. I’m out of fresh garlic but have some Penzey’s garlic granules, ¼ tsp = 1 fresh clove; out of fresh ginger but guessed how much powdered. I’m grateful when I can whip up something simple and delicious on a whim.

Then I took my dinner out to sit on the patio, where I was joined by the old doe. Maybe she’s got twins but I’ve only seen one fawn with her outside the fence. She knows she’s welcome to anything she can reach. I wish the deer ate grasshoppers! I heard a phoebe calling beyond the fence again tonight, have heard them ever since they left, and even seen one flying up to the deck a couple of times. I’m optimistic they’ll nest again. The rufous hummingbirds arrived yesterday, dominating the feeder scene. I’m grateful for dinner out and the delightful company.

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