Wordle is just grand. I’m grateful for this simple and sometimes mind-bending word game that swept the nation a couple of years ago. Its history is easy to look up, but in short it was invented by a guy for his partner, got popular, got bought by NYT and made him rich. I’m happy for him. I’m grateful for the two friends whom I share results with each day, and the tiny but meaningful connection this fosters with laughter and wordplay and appreciation for each other’s minds. I’m grateful for this addictive and sometimes quite challenging brain game. It sparks delight when I see or hear friends that I didn’t know enjoy this private pleasure post or talk about their results or their streaks. Who could have predicted such a simple thing would bring joy to so many people?

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  1. I also share my Wordle with two friends. We almost always add a comment about what we are up to, or share public news of interest. It has deepened these two friendships and also is a fun brain game.

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