The Panacea

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at bagels for awhile, and finally made time today after class. These silicone bagel molds made shaping them easy, but the recipe that came with them just made round bread. Still, I’ve had lox, cream cheese, capers, and red onions in the fridge for over a week, to make a nostalgic ‘comfort lunch’ from childhood, so I made do, with gratitude for all parts of the meal. I’m grateful that I have a different and I suspect much more authentic bagel recipe lined up to try next time.

I’m even more grateful for the meaningful conversations I got to engage in today with graduates and students about life, death, moods, thoughts, and the panacea of gratitude.

3 thoughts on “The Panacea

  1. Those bagels are just beautiful with that golden sheen. I’m not sure of the differences of bread from bagels, but those beauties transcend any definition. Well done.

  2. Those are cute little boogers, those bagels sitting so smuggly on their special blue dishes. I could eat one right now 🙂

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