Learning Something New

In keeping with my word for the year, Curiosity, I tried a couple of new things today. Last night, I craved grits to go with the leftover Good Luck beans, so I cooked up a pot of Bob’s Red Mill grits with butter, milk, and a bit of cheddar in addition to the boiling water. Today I cut a slice of cold grits from the container and fried it in butter to go with more beans for lunch; I fried another with my dinner salad. It’s the most successful, and delicious, fried grits I’ve managed, and I think that’s largely due to finding the perfect way to cook them initially. I’m grateful for learning something new.

Another new thing I learned is how to photograph the moon with an iPhone. After Amy sent a video clip about it, I played around with the camera tonight until I figured it out. Unfortunately, by the time I got it, the moon had gone behind clouds, so I just shot Wren standing guard instead. But I know now how to do it, next time the moon peeps out from the clouds! I’m grateful for the village it takes to raise me, and for a camera in my pocket that I can also use to call for help if I ever need it.

3 thoughts on “Learning Something New

  1. I would like to learn something new, Rita, please share your method for cooking grits that culminates in the beautiful fried slices in your photograph 😋

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