A possibly better shot of the sleeping sunflower bees taken by the husband camera rather than the iPhone. I’m grateful for a computer upgrade that has allowed me to process the husband’s photos again after a software drought all summer.

I’m grateful for some time with my husband camera over the past weekend, and for the flowers blooming in the yarden. Not so many nor so profusely as in past years, but still plenty for the birds and bees that are here. It is alarming that I haven’t seen several species of native bees that were common a couple of years ago. But I’m grateful for the few bumblebees and honeybees I see, and for the sunflower bees. And for this red-bellied wasp. Too tired tonight to look her up, and can’t remember if I know her name. We all know how that is.

Grateful for the wild cleome (Rocky Mountain beeplant, an old favorite) that seeds itself. I pluck the easily identifiable seedlings early in the season where I don’t want them, and let them grow where I do. I always let plenty of them grow for the bees and hummingbirds, all of whom love it.
Grateful for a thriving snapdragon crop for the bumblebees and sphinx moths.
And grateful for the red salvia the hummingbirds love, and the hummingbirds who love it.

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  1. I agree with Melinda – amazing photographs, such a gift! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing all the bees and hummingbirds. Our neighbors had their yard professionally sprayed with a mosquito repellent, even though we requested that they not, and out of our ten bean plants, only one has a pod – the pollinators have been ‘repelled’ and probably killed, as well 😢 So no lima beans for us this year 😡

    • OH NO! Such a shame about mosquito spraying. One can understand, on the one hand; but on the other hand, so much poison! Mosquito spraying has been controversial in our valley, also. Lucky for me, I live just high enough it’s never been an issue on this mesa.

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