I’m grateful I went to bed early enough last night to finally see sunrise this morning. It’s been a long time! I woke from an endless fever dream about grocery shopping of all things, which opened with me realizing I wasn’t masked and proceeded through greeting or avoiding many people, delighting in choosing cheeses, and finally wound up with a horrific discovery that City Market was selling live wild animals for both food and pets.

I struggled to get my camera to open and then to work right to photograph the three glass front cages before me, first filled with tragic mammals but then the reptiles in the background began to fill the scene, eventually including some small dinosaurs. I can place almost every element in the dream to a corresponding piece of yesterday’s reality, but what a colorful subconscious interpretation! I’m grateful for dreams, and for waking up from them.

Just like in the movie, I mean dream, the camera failed to open at first when I stepped out onto the deck at sunrise. I’m grateful it did in time to catch the daily spectacle that I all too often take for granted: its beauty, and that I’ll live to see it.

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  1. What a beautiful sunset, and such a fun and funny dream from which you woke. I love dreams – what an interesting gift from our maker – and I would be interested in how the elements related to your reality. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks! The shopping scenario relates to my covid risk/mask issues, my resistance to going to the grocery store or anywhere else really since almost no one masks in this county, and how when I have shopped during covid I’ve been grateful to be wearing a mask so I could avoid small talk with people I barely know. I’m grateful a friend is happy to shop for me, since I always came home from the store angry. I did find some masks on the shelves (in the dream), some of which were free so I put one of those on. A friend I haven’t seen in a long long time recommended another very fancy kind that hilariously only covered the nose. I pointed out that flaw to her. The reptile part came from talking with the UPS man yesterday about my tortoise and his ball python, and our mutual fondness for that class of animals. But the tiny dinosaurs? And the initial prisoners in the cages (lots of them), a rare type of African catlike mammal, shorn of all fur, with pathetically naked white skin, a flat head, and very slanted eyes…? Who knows where they came from, except maybe the current Sixth Extinction, and our devastating exploitation of the planet and species we refuse to share it with…

      Rita Clagett Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Mirador Eco-Retreat

      “My experience is what I agree to attend to.” ~ William James


  2. Rita, thank you for taking the time to share your dream with me, I found it interesting and I could relate to it. I, too, get frustrated and angry about people who refuse to do small things like mask wearing to take care of their fellow humans, and who refuse to make small efforts to ‘live simply so that others may simply live’, and ‘others’ include all sentient beings (except for those huge roaches we have in Texas who invade my space and scare the living hell out of me!). 😂

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