A Room with a View

As we wend our way toward winter solstice and the end of this daily gratitude blog, I begin to consider the many things I haven’t yet mentioned. So many! I’m grateful for a room with a view. When I wake each morning, grateful to be alive, this is the view that greets me. Today, I’m grateful it contains snow, and sunshine, juniper trees and mountains, distant neighbors and lots of space. I’m grateful for the familiarity and beauty of the view, and for the simplicity and comfort of the home from which I see the view. I’m grateful for the sense of stability and security these things impart to my little life, and for intermittent awareness that these seemingly solid elements are fleeting; in the grand scheme of things, as transient as this body I inhabit. I’m grateful for all the causes and conditions in my own life, and the lives of my ancestors, that led to my waking up day after day in this room, with this view.

Speaking of ancestors, I’m grateful for my dear sweet mother, gone these seventeen years; for how she loved and supported me, and how she remains in my life. Instead of guesstimating to slice the cinnamon rolls tonight, I dug into the desk drawer for a ruler, and pulled out this one, which I’m guessing is roughly eighty years old from her name inscribed on it. I haven’t seen this ruler for years, and its sudden appearance as a baking tool startled me into considering her as a schoolgirl, and then marveling that she kept this simple implement all her life, and that I kept it after she died. I’m grateful for the simple things in life and the grand.

I’m grateful that if I wake up alive again tomorrow, I’ll have fresh perfect cinnamon buns for breakfast.

5 thoughts on “A Room with a View

  1. As I’ve traveled and looked around I’ve always loved best the views that make it beautifully obvious that we live on a planet. You homesteaded with such a view, one of the finest anywhere, greeting you out your window… Earth bearing witness, a mutual greeting. Well done, Rita, I’d have to say! And those cinnamon rolls look pretty darn good too!

  2. It’s amazing to think you’ve been creating these beautiful posts for nearly a year already! And a bit strange to think of life without them. I might have to start writing my own daily gratitude journal entries. Thank you for helping me be in the habit of thinking/feeling this way.

    • What a lovely compliment, that I’ve helped you get in the habit of gratitude. Don’t worry, I won’t quit posting altogether, and I’m sure gratitude will remain the dominant theme. I do, though, look forward to the option to just go to bed spur of the moment when I realize I’m sleepy. Please do start writing your own daily entries! You can see it doesn’t have to be ‘much,’ or ‘BIG.’ We can find gratitude in the tiniest things, as I know you know, from Bug Camp 🐛♥️🌺


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