Some Marigold

I’m grateful tonight for the towering marigold, a bountiful harvest, meaningful connections, and another day with Stellar.

He didn’t have much in him this afternoon, so our last walk of the day was a turtle hunt. I knew right where Biko was, up under the lavender cotton near the west gate, but we took our usual loop around the yard to look for him, starting out walking the east fenceline, and down to the pond. He looked back often to make sure I was following. We found Turtell and gave Stellar his treats, and came in for the night. Later, he had a seizure. I held him tight as he writhed, and afterward it took several hours for him to settle down. I thought for awhile in there that he was dying. But not this time. He’s fallen asleep now, and I am off to bed myself. I’m grateful for a full and beautiful day, for feeling calm in crisis, and for momentary peace.

One thought on “Some Marigold

  1. Your harvest and your towering marigolds are beautiful. My “towering sunflower” said a few bad words and fell on her nose. Anyhow, my heart is always with you and Stellar. Stellar knows you are near, even at the worst times. Poor old canine–how they do wrench us apart.

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