The Cheese Sandwich

Now that the days are warming up a bit the first garden greens are growing enough to start thinning them. Today I thinned broccoli raab, baby kale, and yukina savoy. Biko got a handful, and the rest I took inside for my own lunch.

I’ve gone on about the cheese sandwich before, and I will again. It’s the ultimate lunch food in my humble opinion. Inspired by last week’s offering from Epicurious, I’ve been trying a new grilled cheese each day for the past few days. Today’s was especially good. I sautéed some onions, then tossed in the baby greens I’d just thinned from the garden; I added this mix to provolone and avocado in the cheese sandwich and grilled it.

I’ve definitely converted to mayo on the grilling sides instead of butter…
…it browns perfectly.
So simple, so delicious!

Today, of the many things I’m grateful for, the perfect grilled cheese sandwich is right up there. Also grateful for more flowers blooming, more bees coming to them, and just the merest splash of a rain shower.

Grateful for this heirloom iris that opened this morning, given to me years ago by an old matriarch in the valley who had these irises in her garden for decades. I imagine this iris stock is around 75 years old.

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  1. Rita,
    You need to try a grilled cheese with Brie, apple slices and fig jam on sour dough. Delish!

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