The Path

St. Francis watches over the little aspen grove, with his head on I might point out.

I’m so grateful to have some clear paths through the yard this winter. It eases my mind letting Stellar out unsupervised, knowing he has some clear pathways to walk instead of struggling through snow, and it gives me wonderful access to most of the yard, which is getting to be important as spring approaches. I’m grateful to Wilson for cheerful snow removal as needed to provide us with safe walking.

Even down to the pond, where the west side is still covered in deep snow, and the east side is clear to the end with a chair in the sun.

The path opens before me. This has been the case since I moved here. In the woods, in the yard, as I move through this life, the path opens before me. More on this theme later.

I’m also grateful for leftovers. I got two more sandwiches out of the French Onion cheese mixture for the past two lunches, though I had to add a little spare provolone to both to stretch it. It brought to mind the collard greens melt, which inspires me to play around for awhile with some different versions of this basic sandwich. So simple, so delicious!

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