Wednesday, May 9, early

Joseph adjusts spacers after a successful hiving (despite a big oopsie). Video of the hiving is here:

Hiving day! Joseph is coming to help, Cyn to film, Julia KD to record for ISeeChange.

At 6:30, I popped out of bed but it was still too cold for any bees to emerge. At 7:15 I saw a single bee come out of the fetcher. I walked the dogs to the canyon through woods full of laughing yellow flowers and returned at 7:45. Bees were coming out in twos and threes. They circled the fetcher checking it out, and went back inside.

They woke this morning to find themselves under a shady birch tree in a grove with maple and chokecherry, golden elder, two honeysuckles just popping open with buds. By 8:20 bees are leaving and returning to the fetcher, circling the fetcher, examining the hive, the hive pedestal. They are definitely communicating something at the fetcher door.

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