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Cast Iron

I’m grateful for a clean chimney and clean reburn tubes in the cast iron stove. This is how they’re supposed to look with a hot fire, shooting random jets of reburned gas out the perforations along the front side.

I don’t really know what cast iron is: Webster defines it as “a commercial alloy of iron, carbon, and silicon that is cast in a mold and is hard, brittle, nonmalleable, and incapable of being hammer-welded but more easily fusible than steel.” All I really know is that I’m grateful for it. I’ve been kept warm in winter for more than half my life with a series of three cast iron woodstoves, and I’ve cooked for longer than that in cast iron skillets. There’s nothing like a well-tended cast iron skillet for some things. We’ll see how it works for this cinnamon-chocolate chunk skillet cookie….

I’m grateful for this trusty cast iron skillet that I’ve had for decades. Today it served me pizza for lunch, and a giant cookie for dessert tonight. I mean, only a slice of it will be for dessert tonight, it will take awhile to get through the whole thing!

Later that same evening: … So, when the directions said “Let cookie cool in skillet before slicing,” I guess it meant let it cool completely… Maybe tomorrow it will be solid, but tonight it’s warm and melty, and that’s ok too.