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What?! Is it peanut butter? Is it some kind of other nut butter? How had I never heard of it before?

It looks like peanut butter. It spreads like peanut butter. It sticks to your fingertips and the roof of your mouth like peanut butter. But it tastes oh so sweet. I’m grateful to have learned about this delicious cookie butter!

I was browsing recipes on Food52 and found this breakfast cake recipe. Cake is one of my staple breakfast foods so I clicked to learn more. Looks like a simple, fast recipe and I had everything I needed except this mysterious ingredient, speculoos. Or speculaas, if you’re Dutch. Found it on Amazon. The recipe calls for half a cup of cookie butter, but I haven’t gotten a chance to bake the cake yet. I’ve already eaten at least half a cup on graham crackers leftover from the chocolate mousse bar crust. It’s a great dessert at night when I don’t want the caffeine of coffee ice cream, or the buzz of chocolate. I hope this jar lasts long enough to bake the cake I bought it for.