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Of all the things I’m grateful for today, one I haven’t mentioned in awhile is art, artistry, craftsmanship. I’m grateful for this gate, more than twenty years old, functionally simple and artistically rich, made just for Mirador by a friend long gone from the valley. Soft with age and solidly built, it’s lasted thousands of days and nights in all kinds of weather from cracking hot sun to feet of snow. I’m grateful for the solid artistry of this gate, and others in the yarden, and all manner of artful details elsewhere in the yarden and in the house.

Stellar and I stepped beyond the lion gate this night under the full moon, into the wilds beyond the fence, and stood in darklit silence for awhile. I’m grateful for the illusion of protection of the fence, the gates, the space around my house; and grateful for the added security of this big old dog, as true and fierce and mellow as ever.

I’m also grateful for our new UPS man Taylor, who good-naturedly accepted my suggestion that he bring Stellar and the other dogs on his route a cookie. I did buy him a box of milk bones to start this good habit, and he asked this afternoon if Stellar has a flavor preference. Simple pleasures: Life is good.