Holding the unfolding tragedy of Lahaina in mind and heart, I encourage readers to donate as you can to one of the reputable efforts to support survivors. World Central Kitchen is on the ground feeding people, and Maui Humane Society is trying to help thousands of pets who need medical attention, food, and to be reunited with their families.

With this perspective, I’m grateful that the local wildfires are limited and crews are gaining ground. Three fires are burning in a 60 mile or less radius, one east, one north, and the Little Mesa Fire to the west, which has been holding steady for the past few days at around 3500 acres. Now 30% contained, its smoke still colors the horizon in this evening’s photograph above. The low plume blends with rain toward the left between the two clusters of trees, and blows north across the horizon til it turns orange toward the right edge.

I’m grateful for firefighters the world over.

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