I don’t know why I’ve resisted strawberries. I’ve tried to grow them off and on for years with little success: a few tiny fruits off a few tragic plants every now and then, each of which was utterly delicious, but too few and far between for the effort and frustration. Amy has been sending me recipes for strawberry this, strawberry that, and I scolded her that she’s obviously mistaken me for someone who likes strawberries. But then I saw the recipe for this cocktail, and I couldn’t resist trying it. I changed the name in my file to Strawberry Gin Cream, which is a much better description. It was delicious! Definitely a dessert beverage, ideally suited I think to brunch.

Today we got to have Boyz Lunch again, walking a fine line with the weather forecast, but the rains held off until well after they went home. Just in case, I planned a meal that I could either serve or freeze, weather depending. I made four-ingredient ‘breakfast’ burritos, served with a few leaves of garden lettuce. Surprisingly, I was the only one who finished the whole thing.

Grated cheddar for the bottom layer, on a warmed tortilla; smashed baby red potatoes next, boiled, then smashed and roasted til crispy, providing a toothsome crunch; canned pinto beans cooked with roasted garden tomatoes and a touch of paprika, Penzey’s Arizona Dreaming, cumin, onion, and garlic; and Bad Dog eggs scrambled with cream, Chimayo pepper, and cream cheese. It was a gourmet meal, but so simple.

Dessert followed, a makeshift strawberry short-crackers. I didn’t have time to make the shortcakes, so broke up graham crackers, topped with whipped cream, and strawberries macerated in sugar. Even though the boys couldn’t finish their main course, they both managed to clean their dessert bowls. We were all grateful today for strawberries. Even Wren and Biko, who got to eat the tops.

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  1. I assure you, Rita, that I would have definitely finished that burrito, con piacere (with pleasure)! 😋

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