I’m grateful that I finally followed through on my intention to burn this yard waste. After a year of watching the grass grow up around it I just made myself up and do it, and it only took about three hours to git r done done. I tried to burn some old journals too, but started reading them, and so only burned a few pages. Even the most fortunate of us struggle with the agitations of our minds. I’ve wasted so many years suffering needlessly from the power of my thoughts, I’m so grateful for the practice of mindfulness which allows me at least, in the hardest times, to discern what is actual and what I layer on top of reality to exacerbate any situation. I’m struggling to gain a healthy perspective today on an unfortunate incident this week which has me reeling inside my head with the agonies of ego, anxiety, disillusionment, disappointment, projection, exaggeration, and so much more. I’m grateful to have some tools to manage these afflictive mental states, so that I can at least make progress in a few areas of my day, clearing out the dross of quotidian living. The fire yesterday was a great metaphor to reflect on today. May I carry forward the clarity I have in this moment, and not let the weeds take over.

I was grateful this evening for the self-soothing distraction of a new kitchen gadget, a cheese baker that was given to me. Plunk in a round of cheese–it came with a recipe for French or English, and I had a small round of Brie so I chose the French version–stick some garlic slices into it, a tablespoon of dry vermouth, and a few sprigs of fresh rosemary, and bake for 20 minutes… until ‘molten.’ Then, of course, spread it on carb of choice–I had no baguettes so used Ritz crackers. Not sure that I don’t prefer regular room temp Brie, but it was a tasty treat.

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