Look at all those ripening scorpion peppers!

I’m grateful for the mindfulness practice that has transformed my life over the past couple of years. In January 2020 when I decided to get certified to teach meditation I had very little understanding of mindfulness. I just knew I was being called to something. I’m grateful that circumstances unfolded in such a way that I immersed myself in the study of mindfulness and came out of a yearlong training qualified to share its benefits with others.

I’m grateful to be participating in a mindfulness retreat this weekend celebrating this year’s graduating class of certified teachers in the Mindful Life Program, and grateful for deepening relationships with mentors and colleagues.

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. I’m grateful I don’t have to touch this dangerous plant. Do you wear gloves when you handle it? Does your knife blade melt when you cut it?
    Oh, and congrats on the mindfulness training. This is what you get when you lead with a scorpion pepper photo.

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