I’m grateful for spiderwebs, their fragile beauty which belies their tensile strength. I’m grateful for spiders, of which I haven’t seen enough this summer. I was delighted to spot this web backlit by early sun when I sat on the bench at the canyon rim this morning. Little Wren was dancing around in the woods as I enjoyed the view when this little web in the mountain mahogany caught my eye. The leaves are starting to turn in the shrubs on the edge and in the cottonwoods below. Autumn is coming.

I processed another batch of ripe tomatoes today, a mix of Pizzutello (the orange ones), Roma, Amish Paste, and Jamato: Sliced into halves (though a couple of large Jamatos I quartered), lightly squeezed of seeds, and tossed in olive oil with rosemary sprigs and some J&M ground Italian spice garlic, then roasted at 400℉ for about 35 minutes, til most of the liquid had evaporated and some tips were just beginning to char. I tasted one–it was delicious–but scooped the rest into two freezer bags to call on later.

This afternoon I made a batch of sourdough cinnamon rolls. The dough is so delightful to work with. As I work with various types of bread dough more and more, I’m really beginning to understand how people truly fall in love with it. And I’m learning how to work it less and let it transform itself more, to make a softer dough that rises better. This dough started out a sticky mess, but after it sat in a bowl for a few hours, with me just stretching and turning it a few times in the bowl, it turned into this pillowy, smooth ball. I gave it a few pats and enough quick rolls with the pin to make a 14″x20″ rectangle, slathered on brown sugar-butter-cinnamon sand, and rolled it up. Another rise in the pan, then a short bake at 413℉. I’m grateful I finally looked up temperature adjustments for bread baking at high altitude: it’s 1℉ for every 500′ above sea level. This time, the rolls baked perfectly. I look forward to sharing them tomorrow with a friend in need.

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