I love how baking changes flour, eggs, and a few more things into delectable treats. I’ve made a few kinds of sweet rolls this year, and added the element of lemon curd to this one. I’m grateful I had whole wheat and bread flour on hand because I didn’t have enough regular flour, and I’d made the lemon curd the night before; I feared I’d eat it all if I had to wait til I got to the grocery store to bake the rolls. And I’m grateful they turned out just fine with that flour mix.

I love how bread dough morphs just by sitting there, and grateful that I have learned how to bake pretty well; and grateful that I’m learning some restraint and baking less often than I did at the beginning of Covid, and freezing or sharing a good portion of each bake.

I love how the dough doubles in size after an hour or two, and then rises even more in the oven. It’s chemistry, it’s magic, it’s melt-in-your-mouth: I’m grateful for baking.

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