So much more to be grateful for today, and I have been writing bits down all afternoon. But right now I find myself with a budding headache and eyes still crying. I’m grateful to be heading to bed early, with a full heart though an empty house. Topaz is such a small person, and takes up so little psychic space. I’m grateful she went for a walk with me this evening, and came right inside afterward. Meanwhile, there is a gaping void in every corner of the house, and blessed sleep is the only thing that will relieve that in this moment. I’m grateful for a warm bed and a roof over my head. I’m grateful for all the words of love and condolence, and all the help from friends today, and for resilience.

3 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Wishing you a peaceful sleep dear one. Love can be so hard but is so worth it. I’m grateful for you, for you sharing your journey and for the all-too-brief blessing of sharing life with our furry friends. xxx

  2. When they are gone, you feel all the places they touched your life. Take care, Dearest Rita–his important reality persists, and is worth your open heart. Love from here.

  3. Thanks Merlin. I know we both have known the truth of this many times. I did enjoy a 12 hour peaceful sleep, and woke refreshed, and grateful for a sunny mild day to help me reset to this new reality. Be well.

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