I’ve been fascinated by the art of Bonsai since I was a child. I’m grateful that my mother brought awareness of this art, as she did many other arts, into my life. Most of my adult life I’ve kept a variety of trees and shrubs, mostly jades, in miniature, but never really learned the skills of Bonsai. The attraction has intensified in the past few years, and I’ve started several bonsais in training, including a couple of French lilacs, a pink honeysuckle, lemon geranium, culinary sage, and my pride and joy, a redwood. After hearing a friend in Australia wax eloquent about the fragrance of the jasmine hedge outside her house, I ordered a jasmine bonsai which arrived yesterday. I’ve always loved the scent of jasmine, too, and long intended to have one potted in the house. It’s not blooming at the moment, of course, and arrived dry but not desperate. It seemed like the perfect splurge.

I’m grateful to know about Bonsai, to have seen several astounding Bonsai shows and collections through the years, to have the facility and leisure to pursue this interest; grateful for the whisper of mortality to motivate me to get on with it already, and ramp up my focus on this pastime. Pastime. Pass time. Past time. No time like the present. Passing time, not killing, wasting, or spending it. Choosing to pass my time among yet more living beings, with the art of miniature trees. Why not? I’m grateful for choice, internet ordering, transport services, and other people with similar interests; grateful to live in a world where, all other things being as they are, I’m able to derive some small pleasure and satisfaction from a few little potted trees that conditions have allowed to take root in my house. I think Jasmine will be very happy here. I look forward to potting down some of the trainees this fall, and setting up a dedicated bonsai table in the sunroom for winter.

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  1. Rita, how cool that you’re into bonsai! Years ago, I went to the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, at the gigantic Cow Palace, to see a gardener friend’s exhibit. The whole show was remarkable, but the most memorable part was the bonsai hall. I hadn’t realized what magic lives in those perfectly scaled-down redwoods, cypresses, maples, pomegranates, etc. Later I saw the collection at the Arnold Arboretum outside Boston (—also astounding.

  2. Rita, The Denver Botanical Garden has a nice selection of Bonsai. Have you been there?
    If not, something to check out on your next trip over the mountains.

    • Thanks, Norma. I have been there, years ago. I’ve also been to the National Arboretum, and a few other type exhibits. Truly some astonishing creations. Got any good ones near you? Because that’s the direction I’m more likely to head if I ever travel again 🙂


  3. I’ve been training my many jade plants to be bonzai–and creating stoneware planters for them. I love working with these hardy living beings.

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