Apricot Tree

A resilient survivor, this apricot tree! She suffered the same brutal freeze last October as the almond tree who died, and the peach tree who lost half her limbs, and the desert willow, who has emerged finally this summer like a Dr. Seuss tree. The apricot tree simply curtailed her blossoms and turned her attention to her leaves, filling out beautifully.

And not only her leaves! She did make maybe a tenth of the blossoms as last year, maybe fewer, and now has some nice fat fruits. In the whole canopy, though, this is the densest concentration I found. But most of them are still green, and smaller, so she could surprise me. I doubt I’ll be making jam; and the Raspberry Queen down in Hotchkiss has only harvested a cup or two of berries from her prolific patch. Indeed, the fruit trees and shrubs have suffered this past year, from erratic weather in this new climate of extremes.

Today I’m grateful for the first few apricots, ripening on the resilient tree.

2 thoughts on “Apricot Tree

  1. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to be a farmer. The tragedy of losing a crop would be devastating and here I sit grieving the missing apricot jam! The tree does look very healthy so maybe next year it will bear it’s abundant fruit again. Then we will celebrate.

    • Thanks, Mel. Your empathy for farmers is wonderful. We will look forward to an apricot abundance next year, but if not, we’ll celebrate anyway, just for being alive.


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