Two Walks

Funny how our expectations and standards change as our conditions change. Stellar had a really good day, and got a long walk to the canyon this morning, and a medium walk around the sunset loop this evening. Some years ago, this wouldn’t have seemed like a big deal to me, but after the past year with him, and especially the past few months, it’s momentous. I’m grateful that he had the mobility for two walks today.

And in between Stellar’s two walk, there was a lot more to be grateful for, including a little bit of actual rain. Not more than a couple of minutes, but rain nonetheless; again, changing standards. In this climate induced drought, even a trace of rain and a cool breeze is something to celebrate. There may have been a rainbow, or trace of one, but it was time for me to come inside for … Zoom Cooking with Amy!

Tonight we cracked open the Gin Mayo she sent awhile ago, and put some in a spontaneous pimento-cheese. The main event was Bacon Jam. I never did hear tell of such a thing! We each made a different type of burger to try it on. She made a chicken burger, and I made a burger burrito because I didn’t have bread or buns. I formed the burger into a bratwurst shape and rolled it up inside a tortilla slathered with pimento cheese, bacon jam, and a handful of lettuce.

4 thoughts on “Two Walks

  1. Bacon jam never sounded good to me even when I was a meat eater. I had it once on French toast – thought I’d died and gone to heaven it was so good. Had it one other time in a restaurant and the experience was just as wonderful. This is one thing that could tempt me to eat meat again. Glad you and Amy made another delicious meal. ❤️

    • 😆 I wouldn’t say mine was that good, but I only had a quarter pound and had to radically reduce the recipe. I think there should have been a critical mass of other ingredients to make it jammy. But good!


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