Boyz Lunch today was fried Sesame Tofu with Coconut-Lime Dressing and Spinach, a light fare on the first really hot day of summer.

I’m grateful that the juniper titmice have fledged, and that I was able to get a sort-of shot of the nest hole, after my mind played tricks on me this morning and I thought maybe they’d left behind a chick. So strong was the story I made up from my illusory senses that it took several close perusals of this image and some others to set my mind at ease, and now it seems so obvious. Ah, how we manage to delude ourselves.

Today I’m grateful to be alive, to have friends, to be part of a wonderful, interesting community. In fact, several of them, one in physical space and a couple in virtual space. Also, I’m grateful to live in the multi-species community that is my yarden, cultivating constant connection with Nature. At lunch today on the patio we were all enjoying the phoebes, and observed the chicks’ milestone of venturing beyond the nest onto the joist. THEN, we were astonished to realize that there are actually five chicks!


2 thoughts on “Connection

    • They’re like a metronome for my days: one in, one out, one in, one out, flying, chirping, waking the babies each time they fly in. It’s one of the greatest joys of my summer days, to watch and hear them, to know Mirador provides a safe place for them, to feel how they trust me and Stellar. Not so much Topaz. When she comes round the patio their call instantly shifts to a constant alarm chirp, and quiets when I let her inside. In a few days when they start to fledge she’ll have more restrictions and more supervision.


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