Open Heart

The Solitary One. This juniper grows unusually separate from others in a clearing in the woods. Right now it’s surrounded by a carpet of laughing yellow flowers, which don’t show up well in a color photo so I might as well share the more emotional black&white.

I’m grateful for so much today: for sunshine, green growing things, a breakfast burrito for dinner; a meaningful zoom with a talented, compassionate writer friend whose book I can’t wait to see published; new glasses, Stellar doing a little better today, the fragrance of white irises, letting go of my need to control everything; half a dozen hummingbirds zipping around the feeder outside the living room window while the phoebes tag team feeding their chicklets right above the hummingbird fray, and a Bullock’s oriole pops in brightly for a moment… and the list goes on. I started the day participating in a meditation on an open heart, welcoming the richness in each moment of this life, and managed to carry that feeling through a busy morning and a productive afternoon, with moments of grounded relaxation throughout the day. I’m so grateful for the practice of mindfulness, and the joy and contentment it’s brought to my life.

3 thoughts on “Open Heart

  1. This comment harks back to yesterday’s post concerning quail eggs. Here is one more thing you can do: Tanya picked up quail eggs from the same farm, put them in her egg hatcher thingy, and now has 9 lively quail chicks. Super cute 🙂

  2. P.S. About that Bullock’s oriole “darting in.” Don’t they, though! The girls set me up with grape jelly and a feeder, and Mr. Oriole spends about 1/10 second there. Guess who loves my grape jelly? The little finches clean it all up and lick the bottom of the glass!

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