I’m grateful that I’ve ingrained the habit of posting daily gratitude practice. Today the internet is down after mind numbing winds. Even if it weren’t, last I tried to access WordPress from my computer I still couldn’t post. It’s frustrating, but I recognize that this is one price I pay for living in the boonies, and also, remember when there wasn’t internet? So it’s no big deal. I’m just glad the habit is so meaningful to me now that I’ll find a way to share my gratitude by hook or by crook, whatever that means. I’m grateful there are a few people out there counting on me to lull them to sleep ♥️

3 thoughts on “Habit

    • Thank you, Ashley. I’m grateful to have supportive readers! Still having some technical glitches with posting, even after the internet has returned to life, so hoping I’ll get back to usual type posts shortly.


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