Strong Women

Rep. Deb Haaland, D-N.M., is sworn in before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing on her nomination to be Interior Secretary, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2021 on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Jim Watson/Pool via AP) from NPR

After learning great news about the state of renewable energy in Colorado last week, the Senate confirmation of Deb Haaland as Interior Secretary today was icing on the cake. I’m grateful that a Native American woman with a profoundly sensible land ethic has been put in charge of the public lands of this great nation. After years of vicious assaults on wilderness, National Parks and Monuments, and climate science, the US government is now poised to begin a brave new era of protection and conservation of the precious heritage of natural resources in this country: Haaland is a true conservative, an advocate for our most fundamental truth, the earth itself.

This news adds to the growing sense of peace and ease within me that began with the inauguration of a wiser, more compassionate president; bumped up last week when I was reassured by one-who-knows that renewable energy is an unstoppable economic success; and escalated with the relief of receiving my first Covid vaccine Friday. Speaking of which, Ranchergramma shared this picture on her blog the other day, along with her joy and gratitude about the role her family played in the Hotchkiss vaccination pod. I’m grateful to the Gallob clan for their integral role in the success of this event, as well as their overall multi-generational pillars-of-the-community contributions to life in our valley.

Most of the North Fork EMS team and volunteers (including multiple Gallobs) who put on the successful Covid-19 festival that vaccinated 892 people in less than eight hours. Photo by Doug Fritz, Hotchkiss Fire District.

2 thoughts on “Strong Women

  1. That is my happy-weepy photo. It isn’t just because there are a couple Gallobs in there, but because there are so many strong, good people to be seen. It counteracts the hyperbole in the main media. Thank you for your sweet comments and the posting of that. Really, though, I want to know how Stellar is. What a good dog, to stay mostly on doggy pads and paper towels. You and Stellar are truly involved in a loving relationship. As you say, bottom line, it is a good world and good to be alive.

    • Thanks, Karen. Yes we are. No accidents since yesterday morning, he’s hungry and I’m easing him back into his regular diet. We had a long walk this morning (long for us in mud season!) to the rim, and he’s sleeping soundly. Thanks for caring. XO


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