Have I mentioned recently that I’m grateful for chocolate? And not just any chocolate, though I’ll eat just about any chocolate as long as it’s dark enough. I’m grateful today for Equal Exchange chocolate, grateful that I could order a box online for less than it would cost me to drive to a store and buy some, grateful for UPS Tom who delivered it (and everything else I order online and always leaves a cookie for Stellar), grateful especially for a company that embraces an alternative economy with emphasis on empowering farmers, fair trade, and environmental protection. I’m grateful to have access to quality products from companies like this that are committed to building a better world. One silver lining to globalization.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate

  1. Good to know! I’ve tried it randomly a number of times before, mixed in with my usual former chocolate array when I shopped in the big cities, pre-covid; but only after ordering the box, because it was the best deal where I was shopping, did I really appreciate how delicious it is! Naturally, I first bought it because of the obvious alignment with my values in the name, Equal Exchange. Those four or five times a year I drove the hour plus to the city and shopped at Natural Grocer, I’d stock up on an assortment of different flavors and brands of good dark chocolate. A year ago to the day since I shopped for my own groceries…

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