Electric Light

I’m grateful today for a lot of things of which I have no pictures, from fresh air and cold tapwater to twice-baked potatoes, from conversations and meditations to a delivery of firewood to finishing my homework. I’m so tired after a full and fruitful day that I’m going to turn out these electric lights, for which I’m also and always grateful, and go to bed.

2 thoughts on “Electric Light

  1. What a fun, charming, and cozy post. Back when we did the Voices of Crawford exhibit in the library, we borrowed the diary of Ellen Ayer, and in it she described what it was like when electricity first came to the valley: “we kids flipped the lights on and off, amazed–first on, then off again, then on, then off….” Shirley, her daughter, read the description for the exhibit, and her voice conveys the sheer wonder of such a thing! Anyhow…thank you for the wonderful “gratitude” posts–very enjoyable. 🙂

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