Crispy cheesy pan pizza, with mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, brie, smoked salmon, and fresh basil.

I’m grateful that I’ve made it one-twelfth of the way through my commitment to this daily gratitude practice, grateful for the discipline this requires. I’m grateful it’s helping me see the simplest things more expansively.

I’m grateful I had the discipline to eat only one small pan pizza the other day, and saved the larger one for two more meals. I’m grateful for eating a similar pizza in the past at PJs Pub, or I may never have conceived the delicious combination of smoked salmon and brie on pizza. I’m grateful smoked salmon is available in our local grocery store, grateful I can afford luxuries from time to time, grateful Philip shops for me, and I’m grateful I’ve kept a basil plant growing in the sunroom since fall.

I’m grateful that this pizza recipe splashed all over the internet during the pandemic, and I braved yeasted dough to try it. It couldn’t be easier to make the crust, and it’s so light and delicious. The recipe yields enough dough that it’s too thick a crust in my large skillet, so I split it and make one in the large skillet and one in the medium skillet. With a little prep, I’ve got three delicious meals. It freezes well, and reheats better than any store-bought pizza. You can put whatever you want on top, of course, leftovers like on the one above, or more typical toppings like the pepperoni, onions, and tomato sauce I put on the big pizza.

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