Kindling Cracker

Today and most winter days, I’m grateful for the kindling cracker, and for the New Zealand girl who invented it for a science fair, and for the entrepreneurs whom I hope were fair in their production and distribution of it, making it available internationally, and for UPS who delivered it to me, and for the highways, the tires, all the materials involved all along the chain of causation that led this piece of metal to live on this stump, and for this mallet… Mostly, I’m grateful that the worst, now, I can do is smash a finger rather than chop one off whilst splitting kindling. How small I can split, now, and what tough sticks I can split! And all with more control than I ever felt with the sharp end of an axe.

Kindling cracker: the greatest thing, the Colonel would have said, since sliced bread. Also grateful for that.

4 thoughts on “Kindling Cracker

  1. Too cool. And, since it’s also in the slicer family, the Colonel’s praise would have been especially apt. So glad you have this. You need all those fingers for writing. And the thumbs for book reviews.

  2. The kindling cracker is one clever safety device. I love things that make life safer and easier. Im grateful that you have one!

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