Tuesday, June 25, 2013, 8:45 p.m.

The next day I got my bumblebee on the rose.

The next day I got my bumblebee on the rose.

...and a few days later on the Penstemon palmeri...

…and a few days later on Penstemon palmeri

And then on gallardia...

And then on gallardia…

...and columbine.

…and columbine.

I stumble into evening, into this playground of beauty. It is dusk and the garden is still buzzing and fluttering with pollinators. I feel great. I’ve reclaimed two major areas of weeds, and tamed the pathways between them. I worked inside in the heat of day, went out to a client in town, drove home and saw again the smoke from the roaring fires to the southeast. Yesterday, too, in the afternoon, under thick cloud cover, as I drove home I saw sandwiched between the low, grey sky and the dark ridge of horizon, a different, dark, curly billow, the roiling plume of this monstrous blaze. Today, the big fire more of an ominous smudge, and a smaller plume a little farther west. This beauty feels precarious.

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